Мій товариш і засновник nomadmania.travel, Гарі Мітсідіс, шукає маркетолога в їхню команду. 

Для початку ознайомтеся з цим тревел-проталом, що є одним із найкрутіших проєктів такого роду в своїй індустрії. А далі уже деталі вакансії… 

Оскільки це англомовна діяльність, то все подаю мовою оригіналу.


NomadMania (nomadmania.travel) is one of the leading travel platforms of its kind; dividing the world into 1301 regions, it is a community of international travellers who like to go everywhere, as well as promoting the world with detailed maps and pages for each of the 1301 regions. The website is currently available in 7 languages

NomadMania now has an opening for a marketing associate. In our effort to assist Ukraine during a very difficult time, we would be happy to employ a Ukrainian part-time, with the possibility of this becoming a full-time position in the future.



The successful candidate must have:

  • Very good knowledge of English, especially research and writing skills. Additional languages will be an advantage
  • Experience in marketing activities both online and offline and knowledge of various market segments
  • Knowledge of online research and social media
  • Proven ability to work independently with minimal guidance and to self-motivate
  • Knowledge of geography and love of travel is a plus


Job description

The job will partially be what the candidate makes of it and the successful candidate will be expected to have original thinking and initiatives in order to develop a good marketing strategy at an international level.

Specific tasks which would be expected are:

  • Promoting NomadMania on various digital platforms
  • Contacting travel organisations, from agencies to travel boards, and establishing mutually beneficial relationships in many different markets
  • Developing alliances with international travel bloggers
  • Assisting in NomadMania’s social media strategies
  • Development of country or regional ‘ambassadors’ who can further assist in the marketing effort


The position is not location-based, you will be expected to work from wherever you want. Specific hours and timings are subject to agreement as is the overall salary. The level of salary will depend strongly on performance and results.



Please, fill (THIS FORM) by December 7th. Good luck!


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