Let’s get a van for orphans in Ukraine

During the war in Ukraine most of the public attention and funds goes towards supporting the military needs which actually makes sense. However there are other social groups who should not be missed out. And orphans are some of the most vulnerable and most important because children are the future of every society. 

Our current our aim is to buy a van for the orphanage in Velykyi Lyubin near Lviv. See the video.


Orphanage Details

Special orphanage school in Velykyi Lyubin for children with mental disorder.

Location – https://goo.gl/maps/VhLNkJLPXpnePFWdA
Zamkova srt., Velykyi Lyubin, Lviv oblast, Ukraine, 81555.

Director: Stepan Mashchak, 

Wikipedia / Basic Info


Donation Progress

So far we have raised 8 800 USD. We need ~12 000 USD for a decent option.

See the initial report – facebook.com/orest.zub/posts/562026915285376 


Donation Details

1) PayPal (no fees)

2) International by debit/credit card payment
(Wise former Transferwise) every mayor currency
==> orest@openmind.com.ua 

3) Invoice – I can also invoice you. 
Enquire on orest@openmind.com.ua 


Why I’m legit

Most of you probably already know me and we met in my native Lviv or somewhere else in the world. If you don’t know anything about me free to ask recommendation from a person who referred you on this page. 

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Let’s get a van for orphans in Ukraine!