Support and Follow events in Ukraine

!!! Daily in-dept updates from War in Ukraine. Local perspective !!!

Hello 🙂 I’m Orest Zub. Traveller, blogger and online entrepreneur from Ukraine.

I have visited over 120 countries including many conflict zones but never though the real war will come to my own country. 

My consulting and marketing business is down. Our team is reorganised to publish English language materials from the fields without a bull shit and yellow press “hot topics” in order to inform my international friends and global society on what is really happening down here. 


Here are my main channels: 


Current format of the updates: 

  • Daily post in every social media (example)
  • Frequent vlog type videos on youtube (example)
  • As many as possible interviews and guest lectures (example)
  • Daily stories…

We keep experimenting with format and will develop permitting the situation and team involvement.


How can you help? 

This is one of the most common questions I receive from my international friends.


1) Information

  • Spread the word that Russia invaded Ukraine breaking international law and all possible normal sense 
  • Push your local authorities and government to interfere and help us not by “expressing a concern” only
  • Join peaceful demonstrations and public events in your countries to stop Russian invasion of Ukraine 


2) Money

Money matters in war. There is shortage of cash in the country and many people lost their jobs. At the moment I’m using my personal accounts in order to raise funds for the following matters:

  • Paying our team members 
  • Producing and promoting content 
  • Ammunition of civil defence units
  • Supporting other local initiatives


Examples (click the links): 


Soon we are going to register a proper NGO to sustain our activity.


Why I’m legit

Most of you probably already know me and we met in my native Lviv or somewhere else in the world. If you don’t know anything about me free to ask recommendation from a person who referred you on this page. 

Here are some additional proving links: 

If this doesn’t make sense to you, plz, support our army –

Otherwise, plz, support us directly. Details below.


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Verified Corporate Accounts 

I can invoice you for marketing/consulting services if needed. 

Plz, don’t write in reference: Ammunition, Stay Safe etc…


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If you send something, plz, inform me at to keep track of it.



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Thanks for dropping by 🙂

I’m back to work. Pray for Ukraine.

We are fighting for your security also.